Rent Alphard, Mercedes Benz and VIP Van with Profressional Driver

Luxurious life is not a dream, join our luxury vans and experience a great driver with us


Airport transfer (机场接送)
Welcome VIP Guest (贵宾高级服务)
Business Trip (商务旅行)
Travelling (旅行)
Special Occasions e.g. Dinner and Wedding (特殊场合)

Rent Alphard, Mercedes Benz and other VIP service with a driver in Bangkok and other provinces

What you will get? easy booking, new car, cleanliness, safety, professional services, sanitization before services and vaccinated drivers

我们的服务 :预定方便、新模式的车、干净、专业人士为您服务、提前打扫卫生,已打疫苗的司机为您服务。

Services : van/car services with a professional driver, include all other costs. (服务:面包车和汽车,包括在曼谷和别府举行的司机会议承保费用)
Destination (目的地) / Rate (费用) Type of Van (货车类型)
Super VIP Van 8-9 seats


Luxury Van 5-8 (+1) seats

Luxury Van

Toyota Alphard SC 5 (+1) / Benz C,
E Class 2 (+1) (丰田埃尔法)


Mercedes-Benz S Class 2(+1) /
Sprinter 9-12 seats


Transfer from/to BKK and Others (之间转移 机场/曼谷到各个地点)
Airport Transfer from/to BKK Center (从机场接送到曼谷) 2,500 3,000 3,500 6,000
Airport or Bangkok City Transfer from/to Huahin (从 机场/曼谷 接送到华欣) 5,500 6,000 8,500 15,000
Airport or Bangkok City Transfer from/to Pattaya (从 机场/曼谷 接送到芭堤) 5,000 6,000 8,000 15,000
One day trip (一日游)
- Bangkok City (曼谷) 4,500 5,500 7,500 17,000
- Ayuthaya (大城府) 5,500 6,500 8,000 18,000
- Hua-Hin (华欣) 6,000 7,000 9,500 20,000
- Pattaya (芭堤雅) 5,500 6,500 10,000 18,000
- Khao Yai (考艾) 6,000 7,000 10,000 20,000
- Kanchanaburi (北碧府) 6,000 7,000 10,000 20,000
More than one days (Fee:Per day) (超过一天)
- Bangkok City (曼谷) 4,500 5,500 7,500 17,000
- Ayuthaya (大城府) 5,000 6,000 8,000 17,000
- Hua-Hin (华欣) 5,500 6,500 9,000 19,000
- Pattaya (芭堤雅) 5,000 6,000 9,000 17,000
- Khao Yai (考艾) 5,500 6,500 9,000 19,000
- Kanchanaburi (北碧 府) 5,500 6,500 9,000 19,000
* Price in Thai baht (泰铢价格)

** Other areas are not mentioned above, please contact us for further details and a price quote.** Due to the different in timezone, please contact us via a chat, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Inclusions : a driver service, van insurance, fuel, tollway, parking fee, driver accomodation and others.
承保费用 : 司机开的、机动车辆保险、油的、高速公路的、停车的、房租费。

Exclusions : tip for driver, travel guider, personal expenses and other costs are not mentioned in the inclusion, such as entrance fees, expenses for meals and expenses for optional activities.
末承保费用 :司机的消费、顾客的、个人开支、其他费用。

Standard service time within 10 hours but not overthan 24pm if there is OT, the price will be charged by average services price per hours.
工作的时间为 10 个小时,如果有兼职工作的时间,需要费 (除以平时的价格) 工作的时间不过午夜

Foreigner Support (外国支持)

- English and Chinese Languages call and text supports (Line, Whatsapp and Wechats) with the centre and translated application on the driver's phone.
我们提供英文和中文的短信和电话服务 顾客可以通过微信、whatapp、line联系我们。

How to book our service (服务的方式) ?

In order to book and check van schedules, please provide the detail your information via WeChat, WhatApp, Line e.g. your name, specific date/time, number of passengers and number of luggages, the brief of program for quoting

**Pay 30% deposit to below bank account for booking or in case you have an issue on Thai bank's transaction, please send a photo of your passport, hotel booking or air-ticket and send us via WhatApp, WeChat or Line for booking and vertification.**

Credit card are accepted via online payment link technology (通过在线支付链接技术接受信用卡) 2C2P
Credit card
Company Registeration